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08-Oct-18 10:34 AAVAS Financiers lists at discount
04-Oct-18 09:34 Dinesh Engineers withdraws IPO
03-Oct-18 17:49 Dinesh Engineers IPO subscribed 17%
02-Oct-18 09:16 Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers IPO subscribed 1.02 times
28-Sep-18 18:09 Dinesh Engineers IPO subscribed 5%
28-Sep-18 11:04 Aavas Financiers IPO subscribed 97%
27-Sep-18 18:10 Aavas Financiers IPO subscribed 49%
27-Sep-18 18:06 Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers IPO subscribed 68%
26-Sep-18 17:35 Aavas Financiers IPO subscribed 29%
26-Sep-18 17:23 Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers IPO subscribed 67%
25-Sep-18 17:39 Aavas Financiers IPO subscribed 4%
25-Sep-18 17:19 Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers IPO subscribed 3%
24-Sep-18 18:03 Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers IPO subscribed 1%
20-Sep-18 11:08 Ircon International IPO subscribed 9.90 times
19-Sep-18 17:41 Ircon International IPO subscribed 9.58 times
18-Sep-18 17:36 Ircon International IPO fully subscribed
17-Sep-18 17:24 Ircon International IPO subscribed 29%
23-Aug-18 16:22 CreditAccess Grameen settles with small discount on debut
13-Aug-18 08:30 CreditAccess Grameen IPO subscribed 2.22 times
10-Aug-18 17:08 CreditAccess Grameen IPO fully subscribed
09-Aug-18 17:30 CreditAccess Grameen IPO subscribed 37%
08-Aug-18 18:07 CreditAccess Grameen IPO subscribed 25%
06-Aug-18 16:22 HDFC AMC settles with over 65% premium
30-Jul-18 16:35 TCNS Clothing sees poor debut
30-Jul-18 11:10 HDFC AMC IPO subscribed 83.06 times
27-Jul-18 17:13 HDFC Asset Management Company IPO sees huge demand
26-Jul-18 17:51 HDFC Asset Management Company IPO subscribed 5.52 times
25-Jul-18 17:21 HDFC Asset Management Company IPO fully subscribed
21-Jul-18 11:35 TCNS Clothing IPO subscribed 5.27 times on last day of issue
20-Jul-18 17:42 TCNS Clothing IPO subscribed 5.17 times
19-Jul-18 17:48 TCNS Clothing IPO subscribed 2.06 times
18-Jul-18 17:19 TCNS Clothing IPO subscribed 10%
06-Jul-18 17:10 Varroc Engineering attracts small premium on debut
02-Jul-18 17:08 RITES attracts modest premium on debut
02-Jul-18 17:03 Fine Organic Industries sees tepid debut
29-Jun-18 10:26 Varroc Engineering IPO subscribed 3.59 times
28-Jun-18 16:34 Varroc Engineering IPO sees good investor demand
27-Jun-18 17:28 Varroc Engineering IPO fully subscribed
26-Jun-18 17:36 Varroc Engineering IPO subscribed 0.33 times
23-Jun-18 09:55 Fine Organic Industries IPO subscribed 8.99 times
23-Jun-18 09:49 RITES IPO subscribed 67.24 times
22-Jun-18 18:33 RITES IPO subscribed 66.91 times
22-Jun-18 18:28 Fine Organic Industries IPO subscribed 8.84 times
21-Jun-18 17:35 Fine Organic Industries IPO subscribed 0.39 times
21-Jun-18 17:26 RITES IPO subscribed 2.11 times
20-Jun-18 17:39 Fine Organic Industries IPO subscribed 0.12 times
20-Jun-18 17:36 RITES IPO subscribed 0.60 times
21-May-18 17:33 Indostar Capital Finance sees dull debut
12-May-18 16:33 Indostar Capital Finance IPO subscribed 6.80 times
11-May-18 17:31 Indostar Capital Finance IPO fully subscribed
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