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Financial pundits, including the likes of Warren Buffett, have pontificated on how you should invest and create wealth. Well, their insights are certainly useful, but then they can’t be applied across the board. Every individual and every family have their own unique needs and aspirations, and these will have to be aligned with the resources available and realistic financial goals. Even if we, for the sake of convenience, divide the investor population under several categories, what we get at best will be a rough segmentation. For a meaningful approach that maximizes the degree of success with investment decisions, nothing compares with a direct, honest and open engagement with the investor.
Goodwill – Committed, customized investment and trading consultancy
When so much is being said about wealth creation, Goodwill makes an important distinction between wealth creation and wealth preservation. The character and methodology of your investment will be determined by your current financial stature. The question is: are you going to create wealth or preserve the wealth you have already created? Of course, whichever it is, your investment decisions have to be intelligent and timely. To ensure that, Goodwill will be your partner in guiding you and being by your side all the time, all the way to your destination, for we understand all the factors that have a bearing on the stability or chaos of the world of finance.

Goodwill – presence, experience and track-record
Established in 2008, Goodwill now has offices in over 100 locations, serving about 2,00,000 + customers nationwide. We have earned their trust by providing them excellent services in various trading and investment activities.

Highlights of Goodwill Growth Story
• From 3 offices in 2008 to 75 in 2016 to 100 in 2020
• Varied, 2,00,000 + strong customer-base
• Over 750 employees across India
• 1000 + service points across India
• Average daily trading turnover of about INR 1500 crore
The company has all it takes to ensure efficiency and reliability in its services and, more important, it is driven by a convergent set of vision, mission and values enabling it to work single-mindedly towards fulfilling the interests and aspirations of its customers.

Our Vision
To be seen by the trader and investor communities as a reliable, efficient, trustworthy partner in their endeavour to prepare for and enjoy a secure, comfortable and prosperous future at various stages in their lives.

Our Mission
To deploy all the resources, human and technological, at the disposal of our customers and help them create and preserve wealth through consistently intelligent investment decisions.

Our Team
Goodwill will at all times have a full-fledged team of experts and support personnel, dedicated to meeting customers’ goals and available 24x7 for advice and direction
True to its name, as a goodwill gesture, the company offers free training at all its branches every Saturday. In association with MCX and others representing the industry, we have conducted more than 300 seminars and training programs aimed at benefiting our customers and the investing public.
We constantly explore ways and means to empower you with knowledge and insights. An example of this effort can be seen in our personalised services in the form of:
• Multi-lingual support
• Advanced trading software
• Engagement through real-time charts and live chats
• Technical videos and consultancy
• All the above services are offered free of cost to all our customers.

Goodwill offers you a comprehensive range of trading and investment opportunities: Commodity, Equity, Currency, Derivatives, Mutual Funds and Exchange-traded Funds.
We make trading absolutely a matter of ease and convenience. Depending on your profile that spells out your goals, we offer different kinds of value-added services and brokerage plans for both online as well as offline equity trading.
Investors with little or no experience need not feel anxious or apprehensive. We will straight away help you get into a zone of comfort and confidence by equipping you with all the knowledge that you need, along with the mechanics of the system.

It’s quite natural that you would like to know why going with Goodwill is a good idea. Here’s why:

• Market leader at your service – In just about 8 years, we have transformed the face of trading. In a pioneering spirit, we created the concept of high-exposure trading and are ceaselessly striving to help you connect with the markets in fresh and innovative ways.
• The latest technology at your disposal – Be it Security, Reliability, Speed or Performance, the technology we offer satisfies all the criteria critical to smooth and safe trading activities. Furthermore, our platform is integrated with a range of advanced tools for charting, trading and technical analysis.
• Access to opportunities across segments – We enable you to take advantage of opportunities in Equity, Commodity and Currency the NSE, BSE and MCX.
• Dedicated service and support - Our helpdesk can be reached Monday to Friday, and between 9am and 11.30pm on all trading days.

Attention Investors:
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Disclosure of Proprietary Account Trading by Members to Clients
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